There Are Still Unknown Places

There Are Still Unknown Places
A new novel of Thailand

*** 2024 UPDATE *** In Thailand, "There Are Still Unknown Places" is now available at Books Kinokuniya locations.

"There Are Still Unknown Places" is the stunning new novel of young people making their way in the ever-changing city of Bangkok. It explores the hopes and the anguish of those living in a land both inviting and impossible to grasp. Loves are won and lost, dreams of wealth rise and fall as the tide of modernity touches every soul.

"There Are Still Unknown Places" can stand as one of the definitive works set in Thailand, capturing the tone of a changing world, the interactions between the local and the foreign, and the aspirations of those who strive to reach the furthest places, all told in unforgettable and lyrical prose.


Independent Book Review:
…There are a lot of books that emulate the feeling of traveling to a new place; that is even thought of as a condition of success for stories, yet there are very few books that feel like completely living somewhere else. It is a deeply captivating and enriching sensation, and it makes There Are Still Unknown Places all the more special.

In There Are Still Unknown Places, Morris makes sure that everything matters and he leaves it all on the playing field. If it isn’t the story, it is the characters. If it isn’t the characters, it’s the culture. But no matter what, it’s always about the writing, a beautifully crafted work of language, land, intelligence, insight, observation and philosophy...

The US Review of Books:
…The sensory-laden, lyrical writing weaves a powerful fictive dream that explores the vast differences in cultural and spiritual viewpoints that these Western and Eastern characters juggle within the sphere of their everyday lives. The finely wrought characterizations are vivid and multilayered…

Last Century

Last Century
by Ron Morris

"Last Century" is a unique collection of traveller's tales illuminating life in Thailand and neighboring countries in the 1990s. Ron Morris applies the discipline of the short story to true tales of adventure: being trapped in the Bayon in Cambodia by the Khmer Rouge, running from the chaos of Thailand's Black May, and traveling in Myanmar to examine a mysterious sword.

It was a frenetic world undergoing an economic boom, but also an isolated outpost for lost souls. There, anything was possible–fortunes, dreams and visions, and the challenge of becoming a man in the ancient and modern landscapes of a new world.

"Last Century" harks back to the old expats' Thailand before the internet, where the days were long and the country still remote, and one could find adventure in every new day.

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    There Are Still Unknown Places

    A new novel of Thailand
    There Are Still Unknown Places

    Amazon: Hardcover | Kindle
    For purchase within Thailand
    Last Century

    Last Century
    Tales of an Adventurer in the Asian Tiger Era

    Amazon: Hardcover | Kindle
    For purchase within Thailand

    Amazon: Hardcover | Kindle
    For purchase within Thailand

    Download a chapter from The Thai Book: "Big Men Always Go Too Far"(pdf)

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