Chuwit case to be ruled on after 12 years


Do all Thai roads lead to Singapore?


On Thaksin’s Birthday


The withering of Section 44


How many died in Thai drug purges?


Changing the Diapers of Politics


The arrest of Kamronwit in Japan


Junta gives up on reform of the police


Dig happiness out of the poor


5 Years Ago: Thaksin kids withdraw billions

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October 1976: A sea of blood

(Photo: 2Bangkok.com)

Above: One of the iconic images of October 6: Right-wing mobs beating the corpses of lynched protestors.

1976: A Nightmare of Lynching and Burning

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Thailand on a leash


From Komchadluek, September 28, 2015

Here, Thailand, represented by Bangkok’s Democracy Monument, is leashed, or perhaps shackled, to the U.N.

Thais’ general inability to explain their own very different ways of doing things and unusual values in comparison to international norms often makes them prey to broad uninformed characterizations and criticisms from international bodies.

For instance, there is confusion over international calls for a quick return to elections. Some Thais chafe at such suggestions as they would result in a return to power for Thaksin–who proved to be a most undemocratic leader during his time as prime minister.

The cartoon represents this Thai viewpoint towards the U.N. and international opinion. Thais are eager to elicit good opinions from other nations and will go to great lengths in papering over difficulties in the service creating a good image for the world.

The rhetorical skills of top Thai officials–be they junta chief Prayuth or fugitive PM Thaksin, are attuned to the necessities of the Thai world and they have little ability to convincingly make their case on a world stage.

Thaksin himself became frustrated with the U.N. during his time as premiere when he made his famous declaration “the U.N. is not my father.” This horrified traditionalists who followed a line of continual deference towards international bodies.

These organizations have repeatedly proved that they have no understanding of Thailand. When matched with the Thai’s inability to understand how his ways might be seen through another’s eyes, it is no wonder most Thais wish to cover up problems of concern to the international community and simply assure the world that everything is ok in Thailand.

2Bangkok.com Editor Ron Morris’ book, The Thai Book: A Field Guide to Thai Political Motivations, is available in the Kindle Store.

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Today or 10 years ago? Aura of fear pervades Thai media

Today or 10 years ago? Aura of fear pervades Thai media
…Thailand once boasted of having one of the liveliest and freest media in Asia. A Constitution introduced in 1997 set out to protect the public’s right to know from attempts to interfere with the press by power-hungry generals.
But the election of Thaksin, a billionaire tycoon, in 2001 has presented the Thai media with challenge. In addition to a mass electoral base and a dominance of Parliament that leaves opposition parties little leeway to shape legislation, Thaksin has powerful allies in business…

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Thai man implicated in August bombings and in blasts in 2010 and 2014

Thai man wanted for Bangkok blasts still in Thailand: police – The Nation, October 5, 2015
…Prawut said police were trying to track Yongyut down, adding that though police don’t know exactly where this suspect might be hiding, he can say for sure that Yongyut is not being protected by any influential figure in the border province of Kanchanaburi as suggested by some news reports.
“These claims are groundless,” he said…

Earlier: Linking a Red Shirt to the Rajaprasong bombing

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‘Break down their ego, humiliate them’: Discipline is dished out to bad college students in military-ruled Thailand


‘Break down their ego, humiliate them’: How discipline is dished out to bad college students in military-ruled Thailand – AP, October 4, 2015
…In military-ruled Thailand, this is how university hazing is handled. The offence: a video posted online that showed a half-dozen fully clothed freshman doing an erotic couples dance as upperclassmen cheered. Social media dubbed it a “love-making dance.” The punishment: three days of boot camp for a new type of disciplinary punishment known as “attitude adjustment…”

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12 Years Ago: Thaksin grooming himself for south-east Asia leadership
วันนี้เมื่อ 12 ปีที่แล้ว: ชินวัตรเตรียมตัวที่จะเป็นผู้นำแห่งเอเชียตะวันออกเฉียงใต้

Shinawatra grooming himself for south-east Asia leadership

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Thai editorial cartoonist Sia taken by military for “attitude adjustment”


From Thairath, September 12, 2015
Caption: How to invite people to dinner

Thai editorial cartoonist Sia taken by military for “attitude adjustment” – Manager, October 4, 2015

[Sia (also written as “Zia”) is one of our favorites and we have translated and attempted to explain dozens of his cartoons.

At one point he was not an openly partisan cartoonist. He was usually supportive of Thaksin during his time as PM. However, by the time the Red Shirts were at their peak of street activity in 2009-2010, he had became adamantly pro-Thaksin, often producing a nearly identical cartoon daily.

He added a caricature of Red Shirt activist Sombat Boongamanong at the edge of his cartoons, often to call for human rights and reform.

Just give them a lesson, brothers!

He often cheered on the Red Shirts to actively fight against those who attempted to overthrow the Yingluck-led Pheu Thai government. His cartoon messages often coincided with major Red Shirt street activities, such as in 2013 when the Red Shirts surrounded and threatened to overrun the courts to replace the justices with their own appointees.

These cartoons extolled the Red Shirt cause and alleged that the “aristocrats” of the country enjoy harming the peasants. This one-tone message elicited accusations that he was under the pay of Thaksin.

Later, Sia occasionally chided the Pheu Thai government for putting the Thaksin cause above justice for the Red Shirts, but he remained, for the most part, solidly pro-Thaksin and strongly supportive of the former Yingluck-led government.

Since the coup, Sia has often targeted Gen. Prayuth with allegations that he seeks to end populist programs and wants to raise the salaries of bureaucrats at the expense of poor farmers. He also promoted the Red Shirt line that the military was intent on cutting or eliminating health coverage for the poor in order to buy submarines.


From Thairath, October 3, 2015
It has been reported that the cartoon above triggered the military to force Sia into its mandatory “attitude adjustment” (translation coming soon).

The military sees this exercise of attitude adjustment as simply pressuring those it believes are in the pay of Thaksin. The public spectacle of these military summons are meant to prove to the Thai political world that the military has the fortitude to face down Thaksin–and that public or international opinion will not sway them. It is meant to show politicians it is safe to break from Shinawatra family control.

Of course, the military has had setback after setback in this plan and has not seemed at all firm or even in control as it tried to strip Thaksin of his rank. It also backed down on a number of hard-line initiatives like the single internet gateway plan.

This is why Thaksin and his allies feel confident now to simply wait out the military, return their party to power after the next elections, and then begin again on the identical plan they embarked upon after the People Power Party and the Pheu Thai came to power–rewrite the constitution and create an amnesty for Thaksin. In response, the military is using any pretext to stall their handover of power.]

Notable Sia Cartoons
How to make Thai people agree with the constitution
Getting Strangled
It should be about what can be given to the poor
Rubber bullets? But why did people die?
Changing the cabinet… observe the shoes
Bad luck for Thai people, just like the Uighurs
Red and Yellow cartoonists agree on the submarine issue (and here)
Dig happiness out of the poor
Prayuth won’t be able to stop the people from loving Thaksin
The courts destroy the country
To protect democracy, we must have an election
Only the election can beat the devils
Sending a fighter to heaven

Blowing whistles to mobilize those whose blood spills into their eyes
Thaksin Convicted Because He Refused to Give a Bribe?
Freeing the Political Prisoners: “Amnesty… amnesty… amnesty… amnesty… amnesty…”
Red Shirts and Yingluck release the prisoners!
Amend the constitution immediately!
Amend the constitutional fast while we can!

Thaksin is the nation’s encyclopedia

2Bangkok.com Editor Ron Morris’ book, The Thai Book: A Field Guide to Thai Political Motivations, is available in the Kindle Store.

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9 Years Ago: Editorial Cartoons on the Death of Thai Rak Thai
9 ปีที่แล้ว : การ์ตูน ความตายแห่งไทยรักไทย

Editorial Cartoons on the Death of Thai Rak Thai
It ended up being a premature declaration of death for parties controlled by Thaksin…

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Linking a Red Shirt to the Rajaprasong bombing

Police ‘will soon arrest’ suspect Odd – Bangkok Post, October 2, 2015
…Mr Odd is also wanted under an arrest warrant in connection with an explosion in Min Buri district last year which killed two people, Pol Lt Gen Srivara said. The suspect was part of the group led by Kasi Ditthanarat, wanted under an arrest warrant linked to deadly blasts at the Samarn Metta Mansion in Nonthaburi’s Bang Bua Thong district in 2010…

Also: Police link ‘PT lawyer’ to suspect
…Mr Odd was sentenced to one year in prison on May 21, 2010, for violating the emergency decree during the 2010 red shirt protests.
Mr Odd, who appealed the sentence, was granted bail five days later with a 40,000-baht surety placed by Boonchaliew Dusadee, who is the lawyer of several Pheu Thai Party executives, a police investigator said.
The party yesterday denied he was ever engaged as a lawyer…

From Komchadluek, October 7, 2010

October, 2010: Blast in Bangnuathong
April, 2014: Arrest in 2010’s “Red Nonthaburi” bomb blast

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Rising anger in Thailand’s boom-to-bust northeast

Rising anger in Thailand’s boom-to-bust northeast – Reuters, October 1, 2015
…The removal of generous agricultural subsidies has left rice farmers in northeast Thailand struggling with mounting debts, and they will get little relief when they sell their crop in coming months with rice prices near an 8-year low.
Petty crime is on the rise and retailers are struggling. The vast Platinum 168 shopping mall on the outskirts of the provincial capital of Udon Thani was built during the boom, but it is now less than a third occupied and no longer charging tenants rent.
“People are complaining about the rising costs of living, of having no money for spending,” said Teerasak Teecayuphan, the mayor of the neighboring provincial capital of Khon Kaen. “Their patience will gradually run out. Sooner or later this pot will boil over…”

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Brits name Thailand as a country they are “now most afraid of visiting”

Brits name Thailand as a country they are “now most afraid of visiting” – thaitravelblogs.com, September 30, 2015
…it is no surprise that Brits have identified Thailand as being among the traditionally popular tourist spots that they are now “most afraid of visiting”. The other countries in this shortlist are Tunisia, Morocco, Egypt and Greece…

Arrivals in Pattaya go limp – Rouble devaluation hits tourist mecca hard – Bangkok Post, September 30, 2015
Pattaya may miss its tourist arrival projection by 1 million this year largely because of cash-strapped Russians retreating, the Erawan Shrine bombing and the mid-September flooding on the eastern coast…

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Angry Thai Internet users ‘bring down ICT website’

Before 2am, Bangkok time: Under maintenance

Angry Thai Internet users ‘bring down ICT website’ – The Nation, September 30, 2015
Government Spokesman Maj General Sansern Kaewkamnerd told Nation TV that the collapse of Information and Communications Technology Ministry website was possibly caused by those who wanted to express their opposition against the single gateway initiative idea.
“I have no information about that but I guess that the problem could happen when many people entered the site simultaneously. It’s like a symbol [of protest],” he said…

ICT website down ahead of planned attack – Bangkok Post, September 30, 2015
…The website, www.mict.go.th, was shut down hours before netizens vowed to attack the site at 10pm in retaliation for the government’s plan to launch a single gateway to control access to all websites in an attempt to monitor the flow of information about Thailand from abroad.
…A source at the ministry did not rule out the possibility that the shut-down was because of an attack, saying it was also likely that the website could not be opened because it was overloaded with visitors monitoring the movement of the planned attackers…


2 am, Bangkok time: The site is back

From MICT: One day, Thailand will have discipline like Japanese people
From MICT: Thai students learn about democracy
From MICT: Why do we have to love Thai culture?
Earlier: From 2011: MICT booklet explaining Thai internet laws

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Thailand has greater agricultural exports than all of Sub-Saharan Africa

Wake up and sell more coffee – Economist, September 19, 2015
[Thanks to Tom for pointing this out.]
…Sub-Saharan Africa’s share of agricultural exports has slipped to a quarter of its previous level; indeed, the entire region has been overtaken by a single country: Thailand (see chart). This is largely because Africa’s crop yields have improved at only half the pace of those elsewhere and are now, on average, a third to a half of those in the rich world. Farmers in Malawi harvest just 1.3 tonnes of maize per hectare compared with 10 tonnes in Iowa…

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Remembering the Thaksin Years: Crucify the Police Officer

From Thairath, September 30, 2003
Cartoon title: Today the law enforcer… publicly exposed
On the crucified officer, from top left: Bribes, illegal lottery, casino, brothels, gold shop case, Sherry Ann case, and many other scandalous cases
On book’s cover in hand of the man behind Thaksin Shinawatra: 2 and 3 character lotto

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From MICT: One day, Thailand will have discipline like Japanese people

Earlier: From MICT: Thai students learn about democracy
Earlier: From MICT: Why do we have to love Thai culture?
Earlier: From 2011: MICT booklet explaining Thai internet laws


Title: The story of “Sticker”


Mum: Sticker, why do you draw a picture of people queuing up? Continue reading

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Weekly News Magazines, September 18-25, 2015

Nation_18 sep

From Nation Weekend, September 18, 2015
Main cover reads: 20-month promise
[The man on the cover is PM Prayuth. Refers to the delay of elections to the year 2017 due to the rejection of the draft constitution. This will provide time for the junta to improve the economy in the country.]
Left: [white] Disclose [yellow] Sia Kai
[This is about former commerce minister Watana Muangsook, whose nickname is Kai. He is a powerful person in the Pheu Thai Party. Sia is a Chinese word to call someone who is rich.]

lookwannee_21 sep

From Lokwannee, September 21, 2015
Main cover reads: Use it often… be careful, maybe it’s dried out!
Sign above “ON”: Section 44
Signs below red bottom (L-R): Legislative, executive and judiciary
[Refers to the use of Section 44 by the junta to govern the country. The junta has issued several regulations under its absolute power under Section 44 to solve controversial issues instead of solving them through the legislative, executive and judiciary branches.]

manager_19_25 sept

From Manager Weekly, September 19-25, 2015
Main cover reads: Father-Son-Relationship
[The man on the cover is the Crown Prince of Thailand and his son, Prince Dipangkorn Rasmijoti. Refers to a close relationship between the Crown Prince and his son. The picture shows that the Crown Prince is teaching the Prince to swim.]
Red box at the bottom right: Destroying “Chansongla” – Keep eyes on a rising of ‘Sudarat’
[Refers to the declining power of members of the Pheu Thai Party who have a close relationship with Thaksin and the rising power of Sudarat Keyuraphan in the party. Chansongla is the name of Thaksin’s house and the media uses this name to call the PTP group who are directly controlled by Thaksin. There are several groups in the party trying to compete for power.]
Yellow box at the bottom right: Case of “Chowong Sae Tang”
Today “the murder”
The real murder is still free.
[Refers to the reinvestigation of the death of tycoon Chuwong Sae Tang after the police concluded he was killed in a car accident. As usual, the police story appears to be a cover-up of a murder.]

matichon_18_24 sep

From Matichon Weekly, September 18-24, 2015
Main cover reads: I don’t want to ‘success’ the power. Even only one day, I still don’t want to say.
[The man on the cover is PM Prayuth. Refers to the rejection of the draft constitution which leads to the delay of elections. Many now suspect that the rejection may be a plan of the junta to extend their power. However, PM Prayuth insists that he did not want to maintain his power, but only wants to reform the country before the election.]
Headline at the top-right: Rejects the ‘draft constitution’
Feeling uncomfortable
Like drinking water and you see a leech inside the glass
A lonely flute song
[The man in a picture is Naowarat Pongpaiboon, a national artist. Refers to his expression toward the rejection of the draft constitution which caused a delay in elections.]

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How to invite people to dinner


From Thairath, September 12, 2015
Caption: How to invite people to dinner
On the the soldier’s helmet: Adjust the attitude
Above PM Prayuth’s hand: Do not allow criticizing the government
On the man’s suit: Pheu Thai Party
On the tape over the man’s mouth: Disqualify from speech
Mouse man: Big Tu Chuenchim [Chuenchim means the foods/restaurants that are recommended by a famous gourmet or food tester]
Mouse: Call only this party
[This criticizes the junta’s efforts to “adjust the attitude” of those who criticize the coup or oppose lese mejeste laws.]

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Confident that his party can make a comeback, Thaksin’s latest advice is more worrying than promising

‘Playing dead’ isn’t playing it right – The Nation, September 26, 2015
Thaksin advising his lieutenants to “play dead” means that Thailand’s vicious cycle is sure to continue, plots followed by counterplots. He is convinced – perhaps rightly – that his party can again take the reins of state power, but, if so, that will by no means be the end of it. If he believes his return to power would resolve the political strife once and for all, he’s almost certainly wrong…

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5 Years Ago: Checking for Snipers on the BTS

Checking for Snipers on the BTS

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No, you cannot buy property in Thailand

The Phuket property nightmare – BBC, September 25, 2015
…”Don’t. Don’t come here. The system of law is nowhere near as strong as you think it is going to be, there is no protection for you, and there are gangs of people victimising you. The lawyers have very little in the way of ethics or professionalism.”
Thousands of foreigners have settled in Phuket without serious difficulties. But if things do go wrong, they may find it hard to get help from the police or the judicial system.

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53 Years Ago: Mao Views Thais As Neutral

Mao Views Thais As Neutral – NYT, September 26, 1962
[Thanks to Tom for pointing this out.]
…Cambodia’s head of state, Prince Norodom Sihanouk, has revealed that China’s Chairman Mao Tse-tung had advised him to keep on good terms with Thailand because there was a possibility that the government would break its alliance with the United States and adopt a neutral policy. At the same time, according to Prince Sihanouk, Mr. Mao told him that Cambodia could “punish” South Vietnam at any time, and that if Cambodia did so it could count on China’s support. Prince Sihanouk made this disclosure in the weekly “Réalités Cambodgiennes.” His theme was that Cambodia owes its survival to the balance of great-power rivalries in Southeast Asia. Because of this rivalry, Prince Sihanouk has been able to invoke the aid of Red countries against Thailand and South Vietnam…

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Yingluck at Chiang Mai temple to dispel bad luck

(Photo: Bangkok Post)

Yingluck at Chiang Mai temple to dispel bad luck – Bangkok Post, September 25, 2015
…The former prime minister attached the head to the headless Phra Singh Buddha statue in what Phra Khru Suthep Sitthikhun, the temple abbot, said was a step to dispel all misfortunes.
The process completed when she took the whole statute and placed it in the main pavillion hall at the famous Wat Phra That Doi Suthep overlooking the northern city.
The abbot and eight other monks at Wat Sri Boonruang also performed a chanting ceremony and sprinkled holy water on her and other attendants, including red-shirt members and former MPs of the Pheu Thai Party…

While Westerners cast scorn on this sort of “superstitious” behavior, it is not at all unusual in Thai culture. Earlier: Is Gen. Prayuth really growing “eccentric” or “superstitious” as Time Magazine claims?

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The architect of Thaksinomics takes the reins of the Thai economy

Czar wars: The sequel – Nikkei Asian Review, September 24, 2015
…”I want to cross this difficult period and revitalize confidence,” the 62- year-old told the Nikkei. He said a primary concern is boosting purchasing power, particularly for some 30 million people who depend on agriculture and have been seriously set back by falling commodity prices. “It’s like our body looks OK but the pulse is not strong enough…”

Also: Semantics and Thailand’s political divide
…To be sure, Thaksin’s populist success was really a one-hit wonder. Subsequent populist schemes, particularly the rice-pledging, first-car, and first-home subsidies and rebates under his sister Yingluck Shinawatra and the Pheu Thai Party, were fiscally and conceptually unsustainable and unsound, designed expediently for the July 2011 due to a lack of time and a lack of ingenuity and innovation that bred the first-generation populism from 12 years earlier…

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A democratic government controlled from abroad


From Thairath, September 11, 2015
Left: We must reject the draft constitution because it’s written to allow an elected government to be controlled by the NSCRR…
Middle, Red Shirt Jatuporn: …which is not a democracy
Man: Then, what shall the democratic government be like?
Right: The elected government shall be controlled by a person from abroad like it used to be.

[Refers to the draft constitution which would have allowed a “National Strategic Committee for Reform and Reconciliation” (NSCRR) to seize control of an elected government during an ill-defined crisis. This part of the charter was criticized as being a tool to maintain the junta’s power.
In the cartoon, the Red Shirt leader defines democracy as many Thaksin supporters do–as an elected government like the People Power Party government of 2008 or the Pheu Thai-led government that is run by Thaksin who lives abroad in Dubai.]

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The Great Firewall of Thailand

Thailand’s Plan For Chinese-Style ‘Great Firewall’ Could Drive US Internet Giants Like Facebook, Google From Southeast Asia’s ‘Land Of Smiles’ – ibtimes.com, September 25, 2015

Don’t fear Internet single gateway: ICT minister – The Nation, September 25, 2015
The objective of the international-Internet single gateway initiative is not to enhance national security, but to help Internet businesses reduce costs by sharing a single gateway, Information and Communication Technology Minister Uttama Savanayana said yesterday…

General Happiness orders Great Firewall of Thailand – telecomasia.net, September 23, 2015
…CAT has always acted more as a rent collector rather than a telco. It’s 2G era CDMA network was an unmitigated disaster and in the 3G era things are not that much better despite all the free spectrum and public money.
From an internet connectivity point of view, one sees Thailand at the center of the region, yet it seems like all the major cable systems skirt around Thailand, coming up through Malaysia then jumping into the sea before surfacing again in Vietnam.
Some say it was CAT’s fault as it tried to charge exorbitant fees, so much so that everyone decided to go submarine instead of overland.
The continued existence of the single gateway project makes a total mockery of everything new ICT Minister Uttama Savanayana said about turning Thailand into a data center hub for the region and building better connectivity. Would anyone in their right mind host a regional operation in Thailand under these circumstances?…

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11 years ago: Thaksin and Chamlong become enemies

(Source: Full page ad in Bangkok Post, June 1, 1995)

Thaksin and Chamlong become enemies

Also: When Thaksin took over from Chamlong

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No one to draft the charter?


From Manager, September 8, 2015
Deputy PM Wisanu: Brother, you killed him… then, who will draft the new constitution? Mr. Meechi is too old to do it!
PM Prayuth: Right… I didn’t think about it before…
Caption: The coming problem

[The man killed by PM Prayuth is Bowornsak Uwanno, head of the Constitution Drafting Committee.
This refers to the rejection of the draft constitution by the Constitution Drafting Committee (CDC) led by Bowornsak.
After this, the junta has to appoint the new members of the CDC to draft a new draft.
Meechai Ruchuphan is a former head of the senate and parliament and respected legal expert.
Both Bowornsak and Meechai have the respect and legal background that would make their charters have the ring of legitimacy. If neither is willing to work with the junta, it deprives the eventual constitution of the legal legitimacy it will need in the face of Red Shirt opposition.]

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Thaksin’s son to be questioned over 26 million baht cheque in money laundering case

Thaksin’s son to be quizzed over KTB – Bangkok Post, September 23, 2015
…The money trail allegedly indicates that Wichai Krisdathanon, owner of real estate developer Krisdamahanakorn, signed a cashier’s cheque worth 26 million to Mr Panthongtae, but it was cancelled immediately afterwards, the source said.
The money trail also suggests that part of the loan was used to buy shares in Airports Of Thailand Plc.
DSI investigators are suspicious about the cancelled cheque, suspecting money-laundering was involved, the source added…

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It Doesn’t Matter


From Thairath, September 8, 2015
Caption: Do it… if it makes you feel happy… satisfaction
On the bucket: Section 44
PM Prayuth is thinking: The country will move forward; The Thai economy will get better
The lizard: There will be no boycott from foreign countries.
Mouse man: Unable to detach love, erase admiration from people’s hearts.
Mouse: A big power.

[The cartoonist heaps ridicule on the junta for using its absolute power under Section 44 to finally strip Thaksin of his rank. It contends it is a pointless distraction that does nothing to help the country nor prevent people from loving Thaksin.
The entire timeline of the stripping of Thaksin’s rank was a debacle for the junta and exposed the limits of its power despite its supposed “absolute power.”
Even after Thaksin publicly accused the Privy Council (and by extension, the monarchy) of ordering the overthrow of first him, and then his sister Yingluck, the junta was unable to force the police to strip Thaksin of his rank.
The police chief instead began lobbying on behalf of one of Thaksin’s pet issues, legalizing gambling, while drawing out the process of stripping Thaksin’s rank for months.]

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Denial, Thai style: Police spokesman confirms bombings are not act of terrorism

Police spokesman confirms bombings are not act of terrorism – ThaiPBS, September 24, 2016
…He said that the two bombing incidents were not acts of terrorism but was just a vengeful attack. He didn’t elaborate.

And: Deities find will ‘solve nation’s problems’
…”Many believe that the appearance of the two guardian deity sculptures bodes well for the country,” AVM Surin said.
“The Phra Sayamthevathirat sculpture is meant to protect the country while the other guardian deity is believed to bring prosperity and wealth,” he said…

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